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The visitor journey

Traditionally, each website visitor would be subject to the same experience, determined by the appearance, navigation and content of a website.

Having the ability to modify or tailor these aspects of a website, for defined groups of visitors, enhances the potential engagement and conversion of visitors, as a greater degree of relevance can be offered, where content and navigation is unique to that group.

This principle is expanded on, through the use of known information about any single visitor, for example their location, the device they are using to access the website and their preferred language.

In addition, previous interactions and details gained from online submissions such as registrations or social media profile connections, can be added into the mix to provide a high level of personalisation and unique experience on an individual basis.

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Experience management is included at no extra cost with iCentric

A combination of human profiling with automated identification and delivery.

Create the experience

Passive experience creation can be achieved entirely through automation, giving the visitor the correct language, screen resolution and even related relevant content according to what page the visitor is viewing or has viewed.

Active user experiences can be configured by first defining a group, or profile of a visitor type. This profile can then have rules assigned, such as displaying of specific content, use of guided navigation, use and display of visitor names and much more.

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Key principle

'Consumers are statistics. Customers are people'

Source: Stanley Marcus (CEO Neimann-Marcus)

Key benefits

Tailoring your visitors journey and personalising their experience will result in greater levels of engagement and customer satisfaction.

The more you can engage your visitors, the greater your chances of converting that engagement into an intended action.

Weather the goal is to make a purchase, complete a form or download a document, creating an engaging personalised journey will result in increased conversion levels.

It is generally accepted that the cost of acquiring new customers is five times the amount you would need to spend to retain an existing customer.

Providing your customers with a continually improving personal experience will help to ensure that they remain loyal.