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Complete Digital Asset Management


Centralise your entire digital asset portfolio.

No need to use external file sharing sites with iCentric

Why you need Digital Asset Management

The cornerstone of any successful business is brand education. Prospects need to know about your business products and services quickly and clearly in a digital format.

From product and service brochures, specification sheets, product photography and press releases, to advertising materials, promotions, proposals, quotations, spreadsheets, and reviews, this information can be stored in multiple assets across different teams in your business. These assets combined give your brand strength, and we know prospects buy from the strongest brands.

Within most organisations this information is fragmented and disorganised, often stored in someone’s desk drawer or on a CD somewhere. It is difficult to ascertain the most recent revision, keep control or share assets. Furthermore, just when someone needs a key asset, to maybe close a deal, it can’t be found or worse the wrong asset is used.

Imagine centrally storing every digital business asset, with controlled, audited user access, in an organised, scalable system across your enterprise? Welcome to iCentric Asset Management.

iCentric Asset Management is a cloud-based system for organising, storing and then retrieving your company brand assets, as well as managing user access permissions.

Give your business the best chance of winning in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Simplify your process: identify, locate and retrieve any asset across your enterprise 24x7.

iCentric Asset Management is a standard integrated component of the iCentric platform. This means all your assets are also available to use in your Websites, Intranets, Email Marketing and more.

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License free

No need for additional licenses or third party software

All of your digital assets - Where you need them

Easy management

With iCentric, all of your images, video, documents and software can be securely stored, for use on websites or for general access by your organisation or its partners.
Control access to view or edit, safe in the knowledge that no assets can be deleted and any changes can be reversed.
A full audit trail and version history of each asset is provided, along with reports on downloads.
With iCentric, you can shape the organisation of your asset library to suit the needs of your business.
You control the file types that can be uploaded and stored in your asset library.
Create your own custom data fields for each asset type. Set mandatory requirements and configure custom notifications.

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Access your entire digital asset library from anywhere at anytime

Key benefits

Reduce the time taken to bring new marketing campaigns to market.

Eliminate the cost of lost work and accelerate creativity and production cycles.

Maintain brand consistency and improve access and collaboration to critical assets.

Key features

Each time an asset is modified, a new version is created. All previous versions can be viewed and restored as the latest version.

Linking assets allows you to group variants of the same asset, for example a sales brochure may have both high and low resolution versions in different formats.

Clone assets into versions for international use, with translated titles, captions and other meta content.

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All assets can have permissions assigned, to control who can view, edit, download or delete. Asset locking may be used to prevent others from editing an asset, while you are in the process of editing.

View reports on asset downloads including where they were downloaded from and who downloaded them.

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iCentric automatically indexes documents when they are uploaded, to allow searching within textual content. In addition, all assets can be assigned categories from iCentric's taxonomy system, for fast filtering and searching.

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